The Dynamic Person | What Does it Mean to be Dynamic?

The Dynamic Person | What Does it Mean to be Dynamic?

A dynamic person is someone who is full of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. They are constantly seeking new opportunities, experiences, and challenges, and they are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve their goals. They are highly adaptable, able to quickly change course when faced with obstacles or setbacks, and are always looking for ways to grow and improve. Some might say their greatest assets are their ability to communicate extremely effectively and motivate others, which often places the dynamic person in leadership roles socially and professionally. This post looks at what it means to be dynamic, how it helps you learn, excel at work and positively influence your relationships. And if you’re looking to improve your dynamic ability, we provide ten tips on how to be more dynamic.

What is the Meaning of Dynamic?

Merriam-Webster's DYNAMIC definition (adjective for a person) is: continuous and productive activity or change; energetic, vigorously active, enthusiastic; having many ideas.

True Mydentity prefers to add a little more flavor to that meaning of dynamic.

Along with their electric energy and extraordinary enthusiasm, the dynamic person genuinely enjoys the challenge, and is typically motivated by finding an optimal solution or winning the contest. They may be a bit rebellious due to a strong tendency to be innovative and creative, as they search for the path less traveled; always looking for new and better ways of doing things.

Their dynamic character keeps them open-minded and willing to embrace change, as they recognize it is an ongoing state of affairs in the natural world. They are confident in their abilities and trust their instincts, but also understand the importance of continuous learning through development of their skills and expanding their experiences. Because the more they can master, the more dynamic they become.

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11 Positive Characteristics of a Dynamic Person

Here are some of the other 58 positive character traits a dynamic person may have that may play a more dominant role in their beliefs and behaviors.

  1. CONFIDENT - The dynamic person has the confidence to look at things differently to find new innovative ways of doing things, and the decision-making ability to determine a course of action to achieve their goals.
  2. CREATIVE - The dynamic person isn’t necessarily an artist, but they definitely tend to look at things from a different perspective and think outside the box. That is kind of the dynamic person’s MO; always generating fresh ideas and imagining new solutions.
  3. CURIOUS - Along with their creative mind and imagination, the dynamic person is often curious about themselves and the world around them; seeking perspective and experiences in an attempt to learn more and grow.
  4. DETERMINED - Their dynamic character drives them to achieve their goals; high-energy, and determined motivation helps them find a way to get things done effectively.
  5. ENTHUSIASTIC - The dynamic person can have a big personality. They tend to be outgoing, comfortable in social settings and great communicators. They are extremely energetic; bringing life into any scenario. They tend to eventually master the art of motivating others; leveraging their bigger than life, charismatic, dynamic character.
  6. FLEXIBLE - The dynamic personality tends to be flexible with the ever-changing world, and can effectively adapt to new situations without losing focus on the end goal.
  7. MOTIVATED - High energy, extremely motivated AND motivational. This characteristic of the dynamic person is often a leading reason why they tend to be placed in leadership roles. They flat-out can convince people to take action, and often lead by example.
  8. OPEN-MINDED - Dynamic people tend to enjoy new experiences and coming up with new ideas. They look for alternative ways of thinking about things and doing things.
  9. OUTGOING - The dynamic person is often a great communicator and motivator, and many times will play a leadership role in the workplace or in social groups.
  10. RESILIENT - They tend to be calculated risk-takers who look for new ways of doing things, and this can lead to unplanned challenges and setbacks. Due to their ability to handle change, and their adaptability skills, dynamic people are often quite resilient. Not to mention they tend to be extremely goal-driven and determined to achieve their goals.
  11. PERCEPTIVE - Because the dynamic person is typically one who is extremely curious, who tends to be open-minded, and has likely tried many things throughout their life; they probably have strong observational and interpersonal skills. This allows them to better realize and understand the perspectives of others.

It is worth noting the positive character traits noted above may not all pertain to dynamic individuals. All of these traits have a tendency to be more dominant for a dynamic person, but not all dynamic people necessarily share the same level of these traits, and instead may have other traits that are more dominant.

Your Dynamic Character Trait Can Help You Learn

Being a dynamic person helps with learning, self-development, and personal growth by providing a strong foundation of curiosity, motivation, and resilience. They tend to have a sense of purpose, constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges, and embracing change as a natural part of growth and improvement. Their dynamic character typically motivates a strong desire for self-discovery and is always driving them to find ways to better understand themselves, their world, and how they fit into it. They proactively seek out learning opportunities, whether through formal education, self-study, or hands-on experience.

Why Your Dynamic Character Can be Good on the Job

The dynamic character trait is one to put on a resume because it brings a unique blend of energy, creativity, and leadership to the workplace. The dynamic person's goal-driven motivation, adaptability, and communication skills can help any place of employment succeed and grow. Not to mention the dynamic person's ability to think outside the box and tackle challenges with determination and resilience, which potentially gives the employer a competitive advantage to set them above the rest.

Dynamic people are great communicators and are able to effectively connect with others; giving them important team collaboration and leadership skills. They tend to be empathetic and treat others with respect and kindness, but also have the confidence to assert themselves when necessary.

In a professional setting, dynamic individuals tend to be seen as leaders, bringing inspiring energy and new forward-thinking ideas and solutions to the table. They are able to effectively navigate change, because they are quick to adapt to new challenges, and are determined to achieve their goals.

How Being Dynamic May Play Out in Relationships

In personal relationships, the dynamic person brings excitement and positivity, typically possessing a true zest for life. Being great communicators and motivators, they tend to strive to make the most of things, and bring the best out of those around them.

They are likely to be engaged, energetic, and present. They are generally open to trying new things and exploring new experiences, which can bring excitement and novelty to the relationship. This helps keep things fresh and engaging, instead of slipping into stale routines, boredom and monotony.

The dynamic person is an encourager, a protagonist and motivator. They want the people they care about to have fun, enjoy themselves, and as Thoreau wrote, "suck out all the marrow of life;" making the most of every moment.

And that is why the dynamic person may also bring a bit of humor to a relationship. They are typically rather witty and prefer to keep things on the positive side, so if things get bumpy, they may bring some lighthearted humor in an attempt to diffuse things. That said, they tend to be in touch with their own circumstances, so they have a pretty good idea when the use of humor may not be appropriate.

Dynamic people prefer to actively participate in conversations. Due to their high level of curiosity, they ask many questions, and also enjoy sharing their own experiences and perspectives. At the same time, a dynamic person is not afraid to take the lead and drive the conversation.

They are also likely to be good listeners with an uncanny ability to make someone feel valued. They tend to show genuine interest, curiosity and empathy in the lives and stories of loved ones and friends.

How to be More Dynamic

To become more of a dynamic person, it really comes down to motivation, curiosity, communication and willingness to share each of those with others. Here are 10 things to consider and put into practice as you grow your dynamic character:

  1. Look Good, Feel Good - It has been shown that how you feel about how you look can enhance your mood and behavior, so if you’re looking to be more dynamic than surely look the part.
  2. Know Your Audience - When you plan to be around other people, set pre-established boundaries regarding acceptable topics of conversation and levels of behavior.
  3. Your Body Language - Communication is a key factor in being a dynamic person and body language is half the battle. Your facial expressions can tell a lot about how you feel about something. Casual, comfortable eye contact shows you’re intentionally giving a person your attention. And, your posture can show if you’re open to an experience or more closed off to it.
  4. Your Tone of Voice - How you say things is more important than the words you actually say. People will pick up on your tone easier than comprehending the words you say. So your tone of voice plays another important role in how well you communicate with others.
  5. Listen Intently - When you can listen intently to what people are sharing with you, it’s much easier to understand that person, and it shows you value what they’re saying by focusing on them.
  6. Be Curious, Ask Questions - To that point, asking questions is a great way to show your curiosity to learn and understand more, and you’re willing to spend more of your valuable time listening. The person speaking with you will tend to feel prioritized, more important, and it will likely drive them to share more.
  7. Be Genuine - To be a dynamic person, you must be authentically you and genuine with your words and actions. People want to trust those they admire, follow and rely on and one of the best ways to do so is to carry yourself honestly.
  8. Stay Up on Current Events - Know what’s going on in the world so you can at minimum understand the topics that may come up in conversations, but even more so, to have an opinion or perspective that may be valuable to others.
  9. Try New Things - Experience different things, and satisfy your curiosity. This provides you with an arsenal of unique stories and personal experiences to share with others, while helping you to expand your own knowledge and skills as you grow.
  10. Share Personal Stories - Be personable and share your experiences with others. Give them your side of the story. Tell them about what you went through, or what you really enjoyed doing. This gives them a glimpse into who you are and builds more trust. It may also convince them to try something new based on your experience or recommendation.

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