Positive Character Traits Questionnaire

Want to learn your unique mix of positive characteristics and which of these special powers you tend to rely on most? Completing this questionnaire is an easy way to find out!

Every person has 58 positive character traits. You possess a unique mix of these 58 powers with varying degrees of strength and dominance. A few of these positive characteristics are likely to be considered your greatest strengths, most powerful motivators, or primary influencers in building your positive character identity. While others likely play more of a support role when called upon in special circumstances to handle different situations; rounding out your positive character and the powers you possess.

3 Benefits of Identifying Your Positive Character Powers

Becoming aware of which positive characteristics are more powerful offers several benefits in the pursuit of reaching one's full potential:

  1. Deeper awareness of one's character; one's overall identity and personality
  2. Opportunity to focus on and leverage more dominant positive character traits in one's life
  3. Opportunity to prioritize and further develop a positive character trait to enhance or improve its power or frequency of use in one's life