Purpose of True Mydentity

The sole purpose of True Mydentity is to help individuals discover, accept, respect and practice their positive character traits while in pursuit of achieving one's full potential.

It starts with awareness, requires intent and eventually builds by doing the work everyday. True Mydentity apparel offers a positive reminder to keep a person focused on who they are, what makes them powerful, and why their character traits are important in reaching their aspirations and goals.

We love the simplicity and energy of a single word, how one’s mind perceives its meaning and applies it to life. Sometimes, a single word or phrase can change a person’s life.

That potential inspires us.

O.A.R. True Mydentity Core Values

The oar is a symbol of strength that provides the ability to steer the direction taken on one’s journey.


    Believe the future holds incredible opportunities and life-changing adventures. See the light; the bright side. Realize your power. Remain true to self, admire the powers of others, and know there is always hope.


    Strive to remain true to one’s genuine traits, beliefs, values, aspirations and dreams. Accept what you cannot change, and learn how to positively influence what you can. There is only one you, and that is what you are meant to be.


    The storms will rise, and face them we must. Getting through the hard stuff builds confidence, wisdom and character. Even if things seem hopelessly lost, we press on. Life is constantly up and down, but remember, this too shall pass.

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    Become aware of the power your character traits possses. Learn how they can help you in the classroom, in training, or in life's experiences. Discover ways to develop your powers.

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    2) CAREER

    Choose a career that fits your most dominant positive character traits. Identify personal and professional growth opportunities to practice your powers and reach your goals.

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    Discover how to leverage your character traits with family, friends, and enemies. Identify and overcome challenging dynamics, and learn how to positively influence relationships.

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    What if we said your personality traits are not determined by you? Well, not entirely. In fact, research has shown that personality traits are primarily passed on through heredity and your genetic makeup. And, over your lifetime they are not likely to change. You can, however, influence how you use your personality traits.

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    Where you have a bit more control is your character traits. Often confused with personality traits, your character traits are primarily defined by your beliefs, and can be influenced by your environment. They are often deep rooted and are commonly a force that drives one's decisions. Sometimes these powers may only reveal themselves during specific or rare circumstances.