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The Determined Person | 12 Characteristics of Determined People

The determined person works strategically with tremendous effort to resolve and accomplish one's goals. Many people have dreams for their personal and professional life. Some have defined goals in pursuit of those dreams. Then there are some who possess the willpower, tenacity and resolve to achieve their goals. Are you one of these determined people? When you’re a determined person you find ways to your goals regardless of the circumstances because you believe it is what you must do without question. In this post we look at what it means to be determined and what defines a determined person.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the essential characteristics of a determined person.
  • Understand the importance of self-determination and how it impacts one's level of achievement in various aspects of life.
  • Learn practical ways to leverage determination in your relationships, at work, and in your own personal development.
  • Take True Mydentity's questionnaire to identify your most dominant positive character traits, and learn if being determined is one of your more powerful qualities.

What it Means to be Determined

Determined Definition

Merriam-Webster defines DETERMINED as: having reached a decision; firmly resolved.

True Mydentity likes to add more muscle to the bones. To be a determined person, one must be a purposeful decision maker with strong convictions. Some might call this person stubborn or obsessed due to their relentless pursuit of doing what they decided to do. Bottom line, to be determined means you make up your mind to do something until it is done, come hell or high water.

Take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire and find out if being determined is one of your dominant positive characteristics. Otherwise, read on to learn more about what it means to be a determined person.

Methodology of the Determined Person

How well the determined person achieves their goal or objective relies heavily on the set up and process. Do they define their goals or objectives? Do they define the path to get there? Do they identify roadblocks and the necessary strategies to address them? And, are they able to make adjustments to address unforeseen obstacles along the way? Everything else comes down to grit and relentless determination.

Now, there’s also the more direct approach. For example, when a determined person looks at a situation and says, “#$%@ it!”, jumps in head first with reckless abandon and doesn’t stop until the mission is done.

Both methodologies can be effective but they each have costs. Either way, a determined person will find a way to get it done.

12 Characteristics of a Determined Person

  1. BRAVE: To be a determined person one must be brave. Trying to reach one’s goal typically includes unforeseen challenges that may be threatening or dangerous. But the ability to be courageous and brave helps a determined person face and overcome these challenges wisely, carefully and successfully in pursuit of their goal.
  2. CONFIDENT: Doubt creeps into the mind of even the most confident person. But a determined person has a solid understanding of their own personal capabilities and limitations. This is important when one needs to assess new team members or new environments that may be part of achieving one’s goal. Having confidence in yourself and your own abilities is important to your success.
  3. DECISIVE: Determined people are decision makers. They must have a decisive characteristic so they can assess a situation and decide the appropriate course of action to reach their goal.
  4. FOCUSED: The focus is the goal. A determined person’s intent is always focused on moving one step closer to achieving their goal(s).
  5. HARDWORKING: Goals cannot be met unless you do the work. “Of course it’s hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” - A League of the Their Own, movie. The determined person gets the work done, no matter how hard it is.
  6. MOTIVATED: It takes motivation to remain determined toward accomplishing one’s goals. They work hand-in-hand. The motivated mind drives the actions to do what needs to get done now, while one’s determined personality is planning out what needs to get done next.
  7. RELIABLE: Determined people are likely to be highly reliable. They understand what needs to be done. They’ve probably decided on the most effective way to get it done, and they will not feel satisfied until everything is done. So, you can count on determined people to get it done.
  8. RESILIENT: A determined person can bounce back from difficult conditions, setbacks and failures. Nothing will distract them from progressing and achieving their goal. They understand short-comings are part of the process and their resilient nature will keep them going.
  9. COOPERATIVE: Achieving one's goals often cannot be fully achieved if done alone.
  10. STEADFAST: The determined person is loyally dedicated to achieving their goals. It is their duty to carry on, faithfully committed to the mission. Therefore, a determined personality has steadfast characteristics of unwavering devotion.
  11. CREATIVE: The determined person must be able to look at things creatively and think outside the box. The path to achieving one's goals can have many unforeseen obstacles, forcing one to re-define the path or create an entirely new one. Determined people must be able to at least see (and potentially create) outside the defined path to get where they want to go.
  12. DISCIPLINED: To be determined, one must be disciplined to remain focused on the goal. Life is full of distractions; some are valuable and must be given valuable time and effort, but many are simply fruitless and meaningless thoughts in one's mind. The determined person remains disciplined in managing distractions.

The Self-Determined Person

Self-determined people feel they have control over their own choices and their own lives. The benefit of feeling this control is they are more willing and motivated to take action. They feel what they do can have a direct impact on the outcome. They intentionally do things they know will help them achieve their goals. If things turn out well they’ll take the credit. But if things do not go well, they will openly accept responsibility and take the blame for their failures.

Let’s say a self-determined person makes a mistake on a large, important project at work. Because they are self-determined they will admit what was done wrong, suggest they can do it better, assess the situation, and take the necessary action to correct the problem. This is a valuable skill that many successful people practice continually throughout their careers and in their relationships.

Two Ways to Improve Self-Determination

  1. Social Relationships:  Who you surround yourself with can foster strong motivation and well-being, or it can contribute to a low self-esteem, a poor sense of self and a lack of motivation. Your social environment and the people you spend time with can help or hinder your perspective regarding challenges and your goals. Strong social support will keep you motivated and aligned with the goals you’ve laid out for yourself.
  2. Master Things You Enjoy:  Learning new skills is important for growth. However the process of mastering a skill that you enjoy can lead to a strong sense of self-determination. Why? Because it helps you feel more knowledgeable, competent and ultimately more important. Because now you possess a skill set that not everyone can claim. It makes you more valuable. Plus, you enjoy using your skill! Win, win.

How to Encourage Self-Determination

AT WORK:  Leaders can encourage team members to take an active role, give them specific responsibilities, provide consistent and useful feedback, and support them in achieving their goals.

AT SCHOOL:  Self-determined students tend to feel more motivated to achieve, so providing them with unexpected positive feedback (not excessively) when they do something well can improve their overall performance.

IN COMPETITION:  Coaches, leaders and mentors who help people overcome challenges and achieve their goals find when the individual actually believes they can achieve their goal, they often perform better.

IN RELATIONSHIPS:  Having positive, supportive, affectionate relationships with other people can improve one’s self-determination. So, offering support and providing sincere and empathetic feedback to people in one’s social circle can improve self-determination for the people involved in the relationship.

ONE STUDY:  Self-Determination in Relationships

In short, it’s a good thing to have self-determination in a relationship. One study found that an individual in a relationship who was given the ability to act on one’s own values, interests or motivations was less likely to try and avoid their partner. They would engage more freely and openly with their partner. And, they would feel a more committed and satisfying connection with their partner. Not bad, right?

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