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The Brave Person | Being Brave | 15 Tips How to Be Brave Everyday

We all encounter challenges in life. The brave person faces their challenges even when they're afraid or discouraged. Fear is experienced by everyone. It triggers a natural survival instinct to fight or run and hide. Being brave is facing what causes fear, discomfort, hesitation or doubt. In this post we cover what it means to be a brave person, the importance of being brave and offer 15 tips on how to practice being brave in everyday life.

Key Takeaways

  • Being brave means facing challenges despite fear or discomfort, crucial for personal growth.
  • Characteristics of a brave person include acceptance, confidence, and resilience.
  • Tips for being brave include accepting fear, practicing vulnerability, and trusting instincts.
  • Take True Mydentity's questionnaire to identify your most dominant positive character traits, and learn if being brave is one of your more powerful qualities.

What it Means to be Brave

Brave Definition

Merriam-Webster’s (adjective) BRAVE definition is: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty; having or showing courage.

True Mydentity likes to add more muscle to the bones. Someone with a brave character will face off against extreme challenges; even if they’re terrified; even if it means the result could be the loss of their life. Being brave involves engaging with a threat in an attempt to overcome that threat; like a major health condition, natural disaster, enemy in battle, abusive relationship, or a violent attacker. Even something non-life threatening but life changing like a job loss takes bravery to overcome. The brave person will face their challenges, or any challenger, and fight if they must.

If you have a little time, complete our questionnaire to find out if being brave is one of your dominant positive characteristics. Otherwise, read on to learn more about what it means to be a brave person, why it's important and how to practice being brave everyday.

Why is it Important to be Brave

Bottom line, being a brave person allows you to face challenges. It’s the first step in getting through something. At some point you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where your life may be in danger, or your world gets flipped upside down. If you can’t run, you must find it within yourself to face the challenge and fight your way through it. This is when you call upon brave qualities for the courage to rise up, boldly stand your ground or go on the offensive. Your bravery may even convince you to stand up for others in a tough spot!

Sometimes “getting through it” takes bravery and it may mean being vulnerable. Admitting you’re struggling. Confessing you’re having trouble dealing with people, things or circumstances in your life and you’re not sure if you can get through it. Everybody needs the help of others and realizing those moments is important. BUT, being brave enough to take the next step of contacting someone you trust who can help is the best action taken to improve things.

Another important part of being brave is accepting yourself and life’s circumstances that are beyond your control. Sometimes facing challenges simply means understanding the challenge better and accepting it for what it is. Many times this is not easy because you may not like what the challenge represents or the outcome of it. If it’s beyond your control or there’s literally nothing you can do to change it, sometimes the brave thing to do is to accept it for what it is and move on. Acceptance can be a powerful way to be brave.

Characteristics of a Brave Person


Sometimes one must be brave enough to face something and simply accept it for what it is.


When facing challenges, the brave person must be confident enough in themselves to know they will handle what comes their way the best they can.


Sometimes the brave person must face a challenge and decide whether to engage with it or simply accept the challenge for what it is and move on.


When a brave person decides to engage with a challenge, they are often determined to overcome that challenge and achieve their goals.


When the brave person decides to face a challenge it takes motivation. Depending upon the size and breadth of the challenge, they may need to remain motivated over a long period of time to continue engaging with the challenge.


Because the brave person confronts difficult circumstances they must remain optimistic and envision what it will be like after getting past a challenge.


The brave person understands that to win or overcome something you must always try, try, try again. They are tough, and when there’s nothing left in the tank they take one more step forward to overcome the challenge.


Being brave means you’re willing to face the outcome of your decisions and actions. Even if things do not go well, the brave person will be responsible and face the repercussions.


It is the brave person’s duty to face challenges. Period. And they are loyal to their duty.

15 Tips on How to be Brave Everyday

Being brave is not always about heroic acts. Bravery can be as simple as the risk of attempting something new. Below are 15 tips on how to be brave everyday.

  1. Accept that fear is real and you will feel it, but know you are brave enough to face it.
  2. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. You cannot control everything.
  3. Practice. Bravery is like a muscle. It needs to be used and trained daily.
  4. Let your guard down. Be vulnerable and honest in trusted environments.
  5. Realize you cannot do everything yourself. Ask for help when you need it.
  6. Trust your gut. Follow your instincts. They are probably right more than wrong.
  7. Try something new often, simply because you are curious, and allow yourself to make mistakes. This is how you learn and grow the most.
  8. Share yourself with others. Let others know your experiences and your thoughts.
  9. Say, “I don’t know” if you do not know. Then find the answer.
  10. Believe in your ideas. Take risks and pursue them if that’s your gut instinct.
  11. Let your past be the past. It cannot be changed. Accept what’s done, as done.
  12. Stand up for yourself. And, stand up for another person who could use the assist.
  13. Get better at saying “no” to things you do not want, “yes” to things you do want, and be prepared to deal with the repercussions of your decision.
  14. Be your genuine weird self. Everybody is weird (unique) so stop fighting it.
  15. Be a great friend to yourself. Be your best friend, simply because nobody knows you better.

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