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Admiring People and Admiring Qualities | Showing Admiration

Admiring people are the ones who witness the beauty and wonder of the world, who see and hear the extraordinary things that people are capable of doing, and find joy in being amazed by them. When they find themselves admiring something, they tend to express their emotional joy with others, often with the person who caused them to feel this appreciation, respect and admiration.

    Admiring Definition and Meaning

    Merriam-Webster's ADMIRING definition (adjective): feeling and showing esteem and admiration

    True Mydentity prefers to add a little spice to that dish, and offer more to the meaning of admiring. Admiring someone or something is an emotional feeling described as awe, wonder or appreciation and respect.

    In the textbook, Character Strengths and Virtues, by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, (pg 538), they propose there are three types of goodness that are beneficial to respond with admiration or appreciation:

    • Physical Beauty - Primarily the beauty you see, but also the beauty you hear, like music
    • Skill or Talent - Displays of great technical skill or superhuman ability by other people
    • Virtue or Moral Goodness - Displays of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, etc. that support and benefit others

    The admiring person feels appreciation or admiration toward someone or something when these triggers are experienced, and they will often display their emotions through verbal reactions, facial expressions or body language. Examples of each type of goodness could be observing the beauty of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling, watching a stunt man jump across two skyscraper rooftops with no fear, or witnessing someone who willingly stops what they’re doing to assist another person who is struggling or hurt.

    Although, it’s one thing to feel appreciation or admiration for those three types of goodness. It’s another thing entirely to let someone know you appreciate or admire who they are or what they do.

    We all want to feel important. People feel important when they are admired or appreciated for who they are or for their effort. People who admire things, naturally add perceived value to those things. Their ability to highlight the good stuff as it applies to a person, place or thing; can contribute to a moment in time, to a community or even to the whole of humanity; and help bring the good stuff into focus.

    If you have a little time, complete our questionnaire to find out if admiring is one of your dominant positive characteristics. Otherwise, read on to learn more about what it means to be an admiring person.

    8 Positive Character Traits of Admiring People

    1. GRATEFUL - Through their admiration, they offer appreciation and gratitude toward others.
    2. KIND - Will share a compliment or appreciation with someone they admire.
    3. NURTURING - Often helping others to step-up or rise to the occasion through their support and admiration.
    4. OPTIMISTIC - Due to their admiring qualities; they focus on the good things that can happen from the beauty, talent and good nature of things.
    5. PERCEPTIVE - They often admire the character of the person and/or the beauty of the process behind the result.
    6. RESPECTFUL - Considerate toward others and often showing admiration out of respect.
    7. SENSITIVE - Able to show appreciation of others; allowing for awe-inspired perception.
    8. SERIOUS - When they share their admiration with others, it is sincere and wholehearted.

    Self Admiration: Admiring Yourself

    There is a difference between having self admiration (being proud of oneself) and being narcissistic. Narcissism is characterized by excessive self admiration and feeling superior to others. That does NOT make self admiration a bad thing. In fact, self admiration can help a person feel more comfortable with who they are and more confident in what they can accomplish.

    The admiring person should define what they believe to be admiring qualities for themselves. For example, when you try something new and fail. Hopefully you try again and again; until you are able to figure out how to do this new thing, and maybe even do it really well. It is normal to admire yourself for how you accomplished this new thing; to feel proud of what you did and how you did it. Admire what you had to endure and overcome to get it done.

    Self admiration is acceptable. Excessive self admiration and feeling superior to others is where things get muddy. So remain humble and respectful, but admire yourself; and continue to admire others as well.

    Admiring Throughout Your Career

    Those who admire things often make a great impression with other people; including co-workers and organizational leadership. Not a bad trait to leverage. Also, if you can line up your admiring character with your employer, co-workers and your job responsibilities; then you are more likely to truly enjoy your work and have a fulfilling career.

    Organizations: Admire Your Employer

    Do you admire what they do or how they do it? Do they make something better? Are they working on cutting-edge initiatives or achieving something nobody else has accomplished? Admiring your employer and what they do is part of the foundation that helps motivate your participation in their mission and desire to help achieve their goals.

    Employees: Admire Your Co-Workers and Leaders

    Are you able to find admirable beauty or appreciation for the work, skills, talent, or good character traits in your fellow co-workers? Share your admiration with your co-workers. It will make them feel special and important. If you can tie your admiration to the work they do, it may motivate that person to do the work even better, or help them to find a way to improve the process by thinking about it differently. Admiring and appreciating the talent you work with is also foundational in whether you will enjoy your job.

    Customers: Admire Who You Serve (People, Places or Things)

    Do you admire your clients or customers? Do you admire your vendors? Do you admire the facilities that receive the services you provide? Find the beauty, skill, talent or moral goodness in what (person, place or thing) will receive the final deliverable that was built with your effort. If you admire who or what receives the end result of your efforts, you will likely feel more fulfilled and purpose-driven with the work you are doing.

    6 Ways to Show Admiration in Your Relationships

    1. Give Genuine Compliments - Let them know what you genuinely admire about them, and why you respect them. The smallest compliment can go a long way. Just make sure you deliver it with 100 percent sincerity.
    2. Show Appreciation and Gratitude - Recognize and show your appreciation for what they do for you and others. Thank them for something they share with you, or do for you.
    3. Show Your Support - Support what is important to them; what they love. Ask if they need assistance with anything.
    4. Tell Them You're Proud - When you choose to offer someone a compliment, or show them a little appreciation; finish with “I’m proud of you,” if you are genuinely proud. It just adds another layer of admiration that many people wish they heard more often from people they care about.
    5. Provide Physical Embrace (if mutually accepted) - This could be an enormous hug, arm around the shoulder, an enthusiastic high-five, or anything in between. However it’s done, the physical touch (energy and connection) makes it more personal.
    6. Surprises - When you surprise someone you admire, you show them you’re thinking about them. AND they are so special and important to you that it warrants this special surprise (and all that you put into it).

    Why You Admire People | Top 18 Admiring Qualities

    1. Modest - Accept and love themselves without being pretentious, arrogant or narcissistic.
    2. Curious - Always curious with the intent of becoming more wise, healthy, successful, wealthy, connected.
    3. Intelligent - They are sharp, knowledgeable and often witty; especially regarding their preferred subject matter or craft.
    4. Loyal - They are committed. They will not bail on you or anything else. Fully dedicated.
    5. Honest - They are about doing the right thing and tend to be fully transparent.
    6. Responsible - They take full ownership for themselves, their mistakes and successes.
    7. Resilient - Show grit and stamina. Willing to keep going and do the necessary work until it is finished.
    8. Empathetic - Can walk in someones’ shoes; understanding and selfless.
    9. Respectful - Show respect for people; their value, time, effort and dreams.
    10. Optimistic - They have a vision of the future and it looks good, hopeful, promising.
    11. Motivated - People are inspired by their example and want to follow their lead.
    12. Open-Minded - Willing to look at, evaluate and accept new or different ideas.
    13. Flexible - Change and adapt to circumstances without missing a beat.
    14. Creative - Look for ways to try something new, experiment, or express themself.
    15. Gratitude - Thankful for the opportunities they’ve been given, what they have, and what they’ve experienced.
    16. Skill - Gift of a talent or skill mastered over time that produces impressive results.
    17. Beauty - Their appearance; whether it’s physical features, style, or how they carry themselves; is awe-inspiring.
    18. Strength - Possess incredible physical strength with the ability to move or lift substantial objects.

    Admiring - True Mydentity Style

    True Mydentity offers designs on our clothes that highlight 58 positive character traits. The powerful admiring trait is one of the 58 character traits featured. We believe if you know your dominant positive characteristics, and focus on what you do to learn, work and build relationships using these dominant traits, you will feel more fulfilled and closer to your purpose. And as you improve upon leveraging these positive character traits in your learning, work and relationships; you move toward discovering your full potential.

    Reinforce the power of your most dominant character traits. If you are an admiring person, proclaim it with True Mydentity clothes; comfortably casual for the authentic and empowered.


    Complete the questionnaire and find out which of the 58 traits are your most dominant.

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